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One Day Service Available

Free Mobile Installations at your Home or Office.

wind repair

   This side meets our standards.              This side does not.

              This picture illustrates the difference in the quality of windshields in the aftermarket.

Quality- Steben Auto Glass uses only Factory Authorized Replacement Windshields. This insures a perfect fit and finish, to restore you vehicle to factory specifications. This attention to detail saves you time and money.          


Convenience- Our Connecticut Licensed and Adhesive Certified Installers can either repair your vehicle while it is being repaired at your local garage or travel to a location that is most convenient to you. We also work with your insurance companies to make everything run as smoothly as possible


Products- Auto glass parts have become a structural part of every vehicle on the road and they must be installed under the strictest guidelines of the federal government. This ensures passenger safety, the integrity of the vehicle and it is critical that all customers understand that Steben Auto Glass uses the procedures and products that meet or exceed the federal safety requirements. Our line of Sika products have been tested and certified to meet all federal standards

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Approximately 10 million sideview car mirrors are broken each year, and innearly half of those only the glass is damaged. Unfortunately, many car owners believe, or are convinced, that the entire housing must be replaced. As a result, nearly 3 million complete mirror housings are replaced unnecessarily each year. What's more, it typically costs the car owner and/or insurance company between $200 and $300 dollars to replace

Little Mirrors... Big Problem

side mirror

an entire mirror housing.


The Solution

Pre-cut automotive sideview mirror replacements can be installed by Steben Motors for a fraction of the cost to replace the mirror housing. The passenger-side convex mirrors have the distance insignia imprints, and the replacement line is updated quarterly for both domestic and foreign vehicles.